Monday, May 19, 2014

Up Next at Five18...Jerri Lisk Exhibit

"A tear at the thread" - Jerri Lisk
June 1-30 at the new Gallery Five18.  
518 S. Americana Blvd, in Boise's Linen District.

Refreshments and entertainment sponsored by :
 Jill Giese and Associates - Keller Williams Realty Boise

"Creating opportunity through real estate" 

Live Music by Kyle Swan 

Music "I've had the honor to play and record with Kyle Swan, and I'm constantly amazed at his "ol' soul" voice, unique guitar style and adventurous song writing. It's moody, mysterious, and beautiful. Musically he often takes a left turn seemingly into the weeds until you realize there has been a beautiful hidden road that you never knew, up to that point, was there."

                             -KARL HUNTER

(saxophone player for "BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY")

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