Monday, September 1, 2014

Karen Bubb - Mary Meyers

My Own Private Idaho:
encaustics by Karen Bubb

See Karen Bubb’s quirky encaustic (wax) paintings of Idaho landmarks like Club 44, Joe’s Machine Shop, and Fanci Freeze in the show My Own Private Idaho, on view at Gallery Five18 in September. Bubb photographs storefronts, signs, and other attractions and translates the images into colorful hot-wax on wood paintings. It is a playful study of her hometown haunts and icons of eras gone by.


Branching Patterns:
by Mary Meyer

Experience the newest collection of mixed media works by Arizona artist Mary Meyer in her first Boise exhibition branching patterns, showing at Gallery Five18 in September. Inspired by the study of natural form and botanical illustration, Meyer uses materials such as richly pigmented hand-cut paper, cast metal, wood, and found objects to explore the shapes, patterns and symmetries that celebrate the connectedness all living things.