Sunday, November 8, 2015

Connie Wood | Carl Rowe

"In many paintings for this show, Carl Rowe has shifted his sights slightly higher than usual. The weather has become an important element in addition to the Idaho landscape. It is treated as a dramatic element, reflecting our varying responses to our natural surroundings."

Connie Wood’s encaustic work is part of her ongoing explorations of antiquated processes. In her current experiments, she's referring to techniques used by the Greeks to paint the Fayum funeral portraits in the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D.
A sense of place is at the heart of Connie’s work. While wildlife plays a key role in her compositions, her use of formal elements and sly incorporation of human characteristics leave her encaustic paintings open to wide interpretation. Connie has taught thousands of students over the course of her career as an art instructor using a vast variety of media and referencing artists, techniques, and movements to broaden her students’ sensibilities. Connie has maintained a professional show record for the past 25 years and received a number of awards.

Her work can be found in private, corporate, and public collections.

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