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Ninora Jessen | Tim Norton

JULY 2016 | opening reception with live music 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Visual Art / Art Talk / Interview

In Montaño's work I see Jungian archetypes, examples of what some would term genetic memory. . . . squared off symbols with rounded images strongly reminiscent of Mayan glyphs and line work hearkening back to Pueblo pots, share space with street art influences from artists such as Basquiat and Haring. I see commercial art sensibilities in Montaño's design savvy and the color-ways that artists such as Warhol (who is influential to Tomas) have subverted from pop culture advertising into Pop Art transcendence. Montaño's working style is often instinctual, a "make it up as you go" system, tying it to Surrealism and the randomness of Dada. Surrealists such as Miro and Kandinsky inform his oeuvre. Montaño's color is all mood and blur, his black line is thought and sharp, his hues are poetry and his lines are prose, the emotive giving way to crystallized form, with the layers offering stark contrast to each other. In everything needn't always be something, Tomas has distilled the best of his years of painting into a poignant exhibit in an extremely personal style.

- Bryan Anthony Moore

Visual Art / Art Talk / Interview
Introduction to the work of Tomás Montaño and his new
series, everything needn’t always be something

Gallery Five18
518 Americana Blvd.
Boise, Idaho 83702

Friday, June 24, 2016

Refreshments will be served.

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tomás montaño | solo exhibition june 2-30

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SAWTOOTH | WHITE CLOUD new book by Mark Lisk

Book Signing and party, April 1st from 5-9 PM featuring 3, 5 minute readings from the the books author Nicole LeFevour.

Photographs from Mark Lisk's long awaited book, "Sawtooth White Cloud", will be on display through March 1 - April 1st.

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Sue Latta | Betsie Richardson  January 1-31 2016

Opening reception First Thursday January 7 5-9